DAY 39 Gifts of Healing Activation

DAY 39

LESSON: There is a saying among a community of believers who are bold and believe that it is God’s will to heal. They say healing is only hard if you think you have something more to do with it then pray for a person. That the Power to heal is God’s alone and he hears our prayers. So it is up to us to pray and up to God to heal and God / Jesus has already said it is His will to heal the sick.
I was praying for a young man whose left leg was shorter than his right leg by an inch and a half from his knee to his foot because of a birth defect. There was not any pain, the bottom of his left shoe was corrective and the soul was an inch and one half longer then his right shoe. When we went to pray for him, we asked that he take his shoes off so we could see the difference. We set him in a chair and held the bottom of his legs together and everyone could see the difference.
So we prayed in the name of Jesus, I command the left leg to grow out and to be equal to his right leg. Nothing happened. At about the third time I prayed this same prayer, we saw his leg move, we were so encouraged. We had him walk around the room a little and it was better but he still stumbled when he walked because of the difference in the lengths of his legs. He put his shoes on and he continued to stumble because the shoe now was too long at the heal. So we took off his shoes again and commanded his leg to grow equal with the left leg. We would see little movement, but it took three of four more prayers until they were totally equal. He thanked us, put back on his shoes, and stumbled out because of his corrective shoe being so much higher than the other one. He could hardly walk. Being from out of town his friends took him straight to the shoe store and bought a regular pair of shoes.

ACTIVATION EXERCISE: You are to apply simple faith by believing that if you pray, God will heal. Anyone with pain, defects, disease, broken bones, tendons or ligaments, cancer and any other symptoms of sickness, ask to pray for them. Do not stop until it is finished, totally healed. If it is a little better, continue to pray when you get a partial healing, be encouraged and then pray more. Remember it is already impossible for you to heal and God is looking for someone to believe and step out in faith. Do not be discouraged by what you do not see but rejoice in what you do and give all glory to the God who heals.

ACTIVATION: Lord I pray for a bold, relentless spirit to be on my friends who read this post. I ask that their attitude will be that nothing will stop them from believing and praying for the sick. I pray that they will not be intimidated by the fact that it is not them but You who do the healing. I pray that each time they see someone healed that their faith will grow and the testimonies of healings will begin to pile up and that their faith will soar in Jesus Name. Amen.

(Post by Bob Overton)

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