Transformation New Orleans Conference Calls

Below are the Zoom Conference Calls for the School of Transformation for our group, Transformation New Orleans. You are welcome to enjoy these powerful conference calls from Practitioners of Transformation from around the World!

#1 Dr. Ed Silvoso (Leader of Transform Our World)

#2 Pastor Cal Chinen

#3 Pastor Poncho Murguia

#4 Michael Brown (Marketplace Minister) & Pastor Anthony Summers

#5 Pastor Brian Beatty

#6 Rick Heeren (Marketplace Minister)

#7 Derk Maat (Marketplace Minister)

#8 Barbara Chan (Intercessor)

#9 King Flores (Pastor & Marketplace Minister)

#10 Father Dimitri Sala

#11 Bryan Elliott (Marketplace Minister)

For more information about Transformation New Orleans or if you want to join in our movement, contact Dean Sunseri at